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Pie Ladies' Bakery owners, Iva Kinney and Amanda Schrader. A mother daughter team.

Pie Ladies' Bakery owners, Iva and Amanda.

Hi Friends!


I'm Amanda, mother of four, and this is my mom, Iva, grandmother of nine. We are known around these parts as the "Pie Ladies."


Our bakery story began back in 2005 when we decided to make pies to sell at the Perry Harvest Fair, a local country fair here in Washington County, Maine.  We did this for nine years, often selling out before the end of the fair day. Our pies brought a lot of smiles and we really liked that.  In 2014, we set up a small roadside stand near our home.  In the fall of 2015, we moved to the location at the Triangle Plaza on Route 1 here in Pembroke. 

Fall of 2020 was the last time we would open the doors of our bakery shop. It is now closed. We will miss seeing all of our many customers from the United States and all around the world!

We still sell to local places and take orders from time to time. Send us an email and we can put you on our email list for updates on special ordering times!

Pie Ladies' Bakery case of homemade baked goods.

Our antique glass case was always filled with freshly made baked goods! It's now being used in another bakery to spread the love somewhere else!

Amanda & Iva, The Pie Ladies

To read more about us, check out this article by Mariah Curtis.

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